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We invite international submissions to be included in this forthcoming book to be published by MuseumsEtc [] in Spring 2016. This Call for Papers may be downloaded in full here.

Today, much of the most interesting, innovative and passionate writing - and dialogue - about museums and galleries takes place within the community of some 500 carefully-crafted and thoughtfully-created museum blogs.

But all too little of this content enters into mainstream museum discourse on a regular basis. Our aim in publishing The Museum Blog Book is to capture some of the very best of this content and make it as widely available as possible. We aim to bring together and publish a collection of blog posts and discussions which reflect valuable new thinking and practice in and about museums. Please note that we're seeking submissions from blogs or websites which address museum and gallery professionals and NOT the general public or the museum visitor.

We welcome international proposals from museum/gallery professionals, consultants, academics and researchers. All content submitted must have been published online in the past 12 months. The content may range from pure blue-sky thinking, through strategy and analysis, to highly practical case studies aimed at the museum professional. Reviews of exhibitions or publications and purely descriptive writing will not be included. Areas of interest include - but are not limited to - one or more of the following:

  1. architecture and building management
  2. audience development and management
  3. collections, collection management, research and fieldwork
  4. development and fundraising
  5. economic impact and development
  6. exhibition and interpretation
  7. learning, inclusion and engagement
  8. social activism and lobbying
  9. new media, digital and online initiatives
  10. marketing, promotion and sales
  11. museum leadership and management
  12. national, regional and local museum policy
  13. preservation and conservation
  14. staff management and development
  15. visitor facilities, programmes and initiatives 

Submitting your content
If you are interested in your content being considered for inclusion, please submit it as soon as possible (remember, it must have been published on your blog or website within the last 12 months) along with a biography (max. 150 words). Your submission can be of any length, but will typically be between 500 and 4000 words. You may submit up to four pieces of content for inclusion, but these should preferably span a range of the different areas of interest outlined above. All contributions must be in English - translation services will not be provided.

We expect to receive many hundreds of submissions for this book… So it’s essential that you download and read the Guidelines for Content Submission (available at: which will give you the information you’ll need to ensure your submission reaches us safely, easily and in a publishable format!

The deadline for submissions is Monday 11 January 2016. Any queries in advance of submission should be sent to

The Museum Blog Book will be published by MuseumsEtc in Spring 2016. Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the publication and a discount on more.

Key dates



I have a blog/website - can I submit my own content for inclusion?
Yes - we expect most of the content to be submitted in this way. Our Guidelines for Content Submission (downloadable from: are essential reading to find out how to submit your content. Please remember that we're interested in content aimed at museum and gallery professionals, and not the general public or museum visitors.

Can I recommend blogs for inclusion?
Yes - or even better send this Call for Papers to the blog or website owner and suggest they submit suitable content for inclusion.

What’s the benefit to me as a blogger of being in the book?
Your content will reach a broader, international - often influential - audience, both through the book itself and the publicity for it (contents listing etc), including not only individuals, but also museum and university libraries. And you’ll likely gain more followers and readers for your blog. 

Will I be able to check my content before its published?
Yes - we’ll send you a proof in advance of publication so that you can check your content for accuracy, typos etc.

Do I have to pay to be included?
No - there’s no cost at all for being included and you don’t need to buy a book - in fact we send you a free copy if we include your content.

Will I receive a fee for inclusion?
No, afraid not, it wouldn’t be practical with so many contributors! But you’ll get lots of exposure for your content, your blog/website and of course a free book! We’ll also enable you to link to the book from your blog/website and receive a proportion of of each resulting sale.

What about my copyright?
Copyright in your content remains with you, the author, and you provide us with the consent to include your content in the publication. We have a simple form which we’ll ask you to sign to allow this, once your content has been accepted for inclusion.

Can I include photographs or graphics?
Yes, we welcome this - our Guidelines for Content Submission provide the specifications you’ll need.

Can I update my content or does it have to be exactly as it was presented online? And what about any useful comments I’ve received - can I include these?
We’d be happy to include minor changes, but the content submitted should largely be the same as that published online. You may want to add a postscript or appendix to include later or updated information, or to do this in footnotes. And you may wish to include substantive blog comments in the same way.

Why are you publishing a book and not creating a website?
First, of course, we’re book publishers! But we believe there are many other good reasons:
Curated content: it will be valuable to bring together thematically-related content drawn from very disparate international sources. 
New audiences: our experience in publishing the recent CODE | WORDS book taught us that, although its content had already been attractively published online, lots of people still like to access it in printed form.
A portal: the book will provide an otherwise unavailable and convenient “way in” to a rich vein of museum experience, with which many readers will likely be largely unfamiliar.
Longevity: the initiatives of individuals, their blogs and their content come and go: during the planning of this book a key online directory of museum blogs closed and its content is no longer available.
Digital access: we’ll be publishing an eBook edition for those who prefer digital access, and direct links to the online sources.

Won’t the book be out of date before publication?
No - there’s a very substantial amount of valuable content in blogs and on dedicated websites which will definitely remain relevant for many years after publication! However, we’re excited to be using for this book an accelerated publishing process which will enable publication and worldwide distribution within two or three months of receiving the final content.

MuseumsEtc | December 2016
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USA: 675 Massachusetts Ave., Ste 11 | Cambridge | MA 02139



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Elke Scheffers
Elke Scheffers

December 14, 2015

What a great idea! I am looking forward to this publication.

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