Academic Museums Volume 3: Author File Upload Page


Welcome: this is the place to upload your author files for A Handbook for Academic Museums (Volume 3). You can upload up to five files at a time, and each file can be any size or type. If you have a lot of files to upload you may prefer to upload them as a .zip file. Please ensure you upload your professional Biography (maximum 200 words) as well as your text and any images. 

We'll be receiving hundreds of separate files to create this book, so it's ESSENTIAL you include your name in EACH FILE you're uploading e.g. : Smith_Essay.docx, Smith_Image1.jpg, Smith_Image3.png etc.

You'll receive a Success message here once your files have been successfully sent; if there's been a problem then you'll receive an error message right away. Please note that we won't send you a confirmation email - once you've received the Success message you can rest assured that your files have been received by us!