Interpreting the Art Museum: Contents List

Apr 15

We received some fifty exceptionally high-quality submissions in response to our recent Call for Papers - making it more difficult than usual to choose which to include! The outstanding chapters and case studies we've selected for inclusion will provide invaluable insights into a wide range of effective and innovative art interpretation programmes and we're grateful to the authors for their willingness to share their experience.

We'll be publishing the book later this year but, meantime, here's a sneak-peak at the contents (the final titles may change):

Dana Allen-Greil, National Gallery of Art: Interpreting Art through Social Media
Jackie Armstrong, MoMA: Interactive Learning Lounges
Cheryl Avery, University of Saskatchewan: Archival Interpretation
Ann Blokland, Van Gogh Museum: Interpreting van Gogh
Claire Bown, The Thinking Museum: Visible Thinking & Interpretation
Bethany Corriveau, Cleveland Museum of Art: Creating Interpretive Programs for Adults
Jennifer Foley, Cleveland Museum of Art: Mobile Technology & Interpretive Content
Juliette Fritsch, Peabody Essex Museum: Experiencing the Creative Process
Emily Fry, Peabody Essex Museum: Emotional Mapping
Ashley Gallant, Usher Gallery Lincoln: Viewpoints
Jackie Hay, Morris Hargreaves Macintyre: Interpretation at the Art Institute of Chicago
Henrietta Hine, Courtauld Institute of Art: Late Events as Interpretation Tools
Elizabeth Manekin, Yale University Art Gallery: Framing as an Interpretive Strategy
Mike Murawski, Portland Art Museum: Building Meaningful Interpretation
Museum Teen Summit, Nights at the Museum
Allysa B Peyton, Samuel P Harn Museum of Art, Life Is a Highway - Prints of Japan’s Tokaido Road
Sally Stafford, Consultant: The Touchstone Programme
Swarupa Anila, Detroit Institute of Arts: Visitor-Centered Interpretation
John Veverka, Veverka Associates: Revealing the Rest of the Story
Andrew Westover, J Paul Getty Museum: Art for the Whole Body
Kris Wetterlund, Corning Museum of Glass: Contemporary Art + Design Interpretation
Alexandra Woodall, University of Leicester Museum Studies: Object Dialogue Boxes

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