Introducing our new digital collection

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Our new Digital Collection is aimed at institutions - museums, galleries, libraries, universities - wanting to provide multiple access to some or all MuseumsEtc books - cost-effectively and easily. It's the prefect way to provide immediate access to your organisation's staff, students, researchers or library users. All our books are available on this platform and all new titles are automatically added as soon as they’re published. 

 “An incredibly valuable resource.”
Dr Sally Yerkovich
Director, Institute of Museum Ethics,
Seton Hall University
“Easy to navigate, intuitive, contemporary and accessible.”
Dr Pamela Erskine-Loftus 
Northwestern University in Qatar

Among the many advantages of the Digital Collection are:

  1. Access to all our books in the format of the user’s choice: desktop, laptop, or and iOS or Android portable device  
  2. Immediate access to all content, without login, for your institution’s on-site users
  3. The service is available to an unlimited number of concurrent users
  4. Highly affordable permanent access, from as little as £18/$22 per title for access by hundreds of users
  5. Instant and advanced (Boolean) searching throughout one book - or throughout the entire book collection
  6. Easy-access bookmarking and social media sharing
  7. Convenient referencing and citing: each page of every book has its own dedicated URL
  8. Unlimited user access to all our current and future books 

For more information, and for a demonstration of the platform:



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