Visual Merchandising Documents

Artist David Hockney helps sell shoes. Philosopher and novelist Jean-Paul Sartre sells socks. Photographer Walker Evans shoes and belts. Robert Frank shirts. Ansel Adams jackets and trousers. And Dorothea Lange's "iconic" photograph, Migrant Mother... suits.

Visual Merchandising Documents shows how books, photographs and other cultural objects become commodities - designed to drive higher profits by enhancing the perceived value of a shop's merchandise. All are commodities, positioned like still-lifes: books and bags, short stories and sunglasses.

The images were taken in major stores throughout the UK, Europe and the USA over the last ten years.

HARDBACK | 112 pages | 235mm x 191mm | 9.25" x 7.50" | First edition, 2020 | ISBN 978-1-912528-24-0 | Free worldwide shipping

The images are the work of Red Box Photography, a group of radical photographers based in Scotland.

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