We would do that all day long. There in the open and pick those mussels by hand.

The North Norfolk coast of England is one of the most idyllic and iconic of European landscapes. Fishing has been a way of life here for over 2000 years and today's mussel fishing industry continues largely unchanged for generations.

This book is a close-up record of - and a tribute to - the manual work and skill of a small group of mussel fishermen as they cultivate, harvest and process their catch in wet, windswept, winter isolation. Their words, memorably expressive, provide a context for, and a commentary on, these unique images: "I just felt evil crushing into me. There was nobody near, but the evil was there somehow or other."

Hardback | 44 pages | 235mm x 191mm | 9.25" x 7.5" | First edition, 2019 | ISBN: 978-1-912528-18-9 | Free worldwide shipping

The images are the work of Red Box Photography, a group of radical photographers based in Scotland.

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