Heritage Economics

Any new book by interpretation guru John Veverka is an event.
But his concise new volume, Heritage Economics, is definitely a book for our times: questioning, challenging, pushing boundaries.
And providing some surprising answers.

No matter how good you are as an interpreter, manager or director, success (staying open), or lack of success (closing), is likely to be based on an understanding of management economics. Yet most heritage and interpretation staff receive little or no training in the complex economics of heritage or interpretation.

Many of the economic strategies in this book had to be developed from scratch, tested to see if they worked and, if so, how accurate they were in predicting economic success, visitor numbers and visitor patterns. Heritage Economics will help you think more constructively and clearly than ever before about the planning, management and financial success of your operations. 

    1. Introduction
    2. Planning   Feasibility · Economic analysis · Operation costs · Exhibition costs
    3. Visitors   Estimating numbers · Carrying capacity · Occupancy
    4. Exhibitions  Sustainability · Visitor load · Cost-effectiveness
    5. Contracting  Requests for proposals · Time frame · Template
    6. Live Programs  Conceptual planning · Excercises and equations
    7. Marketing  Acquiring data · Audience needs · Marketing planning · Market creation
    8. Economics of you  Being indispensible · Organisational benefits · Defining success

    Heritage Economics: A Workbook for Interpreters, Planners, Managers, and Educators
    Pages 74
    Illustrations 4
    Size 216 x 140 mm
    Publication August 2023
    Edition £18 [paperback] | £15 [eBook]
    ISBN 978-1-912528-41-7 [paperback]

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