The Innovative Museum: It's Up To You...

The Innovative Museum: It's Up To You... brings together for the first time in book form a rich, varied and inspirational collection of essays which examine the role and the practice of innovation in the museum context worldwide.

"In the end, it is up to you. [A recent study] concluded that the most important factor in the success of a museum was a committed director who was willing to give 200% to the cause. The path is long, but the rewards are great. Develop a thick skin and don't be discouraged. Keep your eyes on the prize! You can get there and it will be worth it." - Lyndel King, Director, Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota.

In its 440 pages, The Innovative Museum shares the experience of some of the world's leading international thinkers and practitioners in the field of innovation and museums. Together, these essays provide sound, practice-based examples of the process of successful innovation, especially in the key areas of communication, inclusion and change in a museum, gallery and heritage context. The many pioneering institutions whose experiences are featured include:

  1. Center for the Preservation of the Political Memory, São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Constitution Hill Prison Museum, South Africa
  3. Experimentarium, Copenhagen
  4. Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow
  5. Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, Chicago
  6. Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New York City
  7. LUCE Foundation Centre for American Art, Smithsonian Institution
  8. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb
  9. Museum of Free Derry, Derry
  10. National Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution
  11. National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
  12. Science Museum, London
  13. Victims Museum, Fayzabad, Afghanistan

Straight Talk on Building a Positive Relationship with University Administration
Lyndel King, Director, Frederick R Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota

Telling Stories with Games
Joe Cutting, Director, Joe Cutting Digital Exhibits, York, UK

Immersive Games: An Alternative Reality for Museums
Alex Moseley, Teaching Fellow, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, UK

Portable and Playful: Locative Media, Art and Games in the Mobile Space
Martha Ladly, Associate Professor, Ontario College of Art & Design University, Canada

The Player’s Voice: Using Evaluation to Bring the Player into the Development Process
David T Schaller, Founder & Principal, Eduweb and Kate Haley Goldman, Audience Viewpoints

Are We There Yet?
Magdalena Mieri, Director of the Program in Latino History and Culture, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, USA

Communities are for Life, Not Just for Christmas
Dhikshana Turakhia, Team Leader - Interactive Galleries, Science Museum, London

Old Forms, New Purposes
Victoria Dickenson, Director, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Ontario, Canada

Contextualising and Challenging Assumptions
Kate Gerard, Institute of Education, University of London

Creativity and the Relevant Museum: A Proposal
John R Stomberg, Director, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, Massachusetts, USA

Sitting on the Fence… What’s The Point?
Adrian Kerr, Manager, Museum of Free Derry, Derry, UK

Museum as Creativity: Building the Universal Through the Individual
Darko Babic and Zeljka Miklosevic, Department of Museology, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Forgetting, Remembering: The Jihad Museum and the Victims Museum in Afghanistan
Sophia Milosevic Bijleveld, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester

Sites of Conscience: Past to Present, Memory to Action
Bix Gabriel, Director of External Relations, International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, USA

Title: The Innovative Museum: It's Up To You...
Pages: 440
Illustrations: 47
Size: 203 x 127mm
Date: 2013
Editions: £44.95 [paperback] | £34.95 [eBook]
ISBN: 978-1-907697-73-9 [paperback]

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