Museums and the Material World: Author Resources

Welcome! You'll find here resources and guidance for writing and submitting your contribution to Museums and the Material World. You'll also be uploading your your completed files here.

Useful files
We've included some useful files which you can download to your computer:
Guidelines for Authors: these are designed to answer pretty much all the questions you may have about contributing to the publication. 
Copyright Consent: we need a completed copy of this to be able to include your essay in the publication. 
Sample Biographies: we need you to submit a Biography along with your essay - you may find these samples useful in preparing yours. 
(To access the above files, PC users right click and select Save Target As, Mac users right click and select Download Linked File As. To read the files, you'll need Adobe Reader - if you don't already have this, it's available (free) to download from

Submitting your completed files 
Please submit your files using the form below. You can upload up to five files at a time, and each file can be any size or type. If you have a lot of files to upload you can zip them together for uploading.

We'll be receiving more than a hundred separate files to create this book, so it's ESSENTIAL you include your name in EACH FILE you're uploading e.g. : Smith_Essay.docx, Smith_Image1.jpg, Smith_Image2.png etc

As well as your essay, we need you to submit a professional Biography (maximum 250 words) which will be printed in the About the Authors section of the book. Please submit your Biography at the same time as your essay. You can download the Sample Biographies file (above) to see some useful examples.

You'll receive a Success message here once your files have been successfully sent; if there's been a problem then you'll receive an error message right away. Please note that we won't send you a confirmation email - once you've received the Success message you can rest assured that your files have been received by us!

Other queries 
If you have any queries which aren't covered here do feel free to email us. If you have queries on the content of your contribution, please email the book’s Editor: And for questions on practical points, procedures etc please email the publishers: