10 Must Reads: Interpretation

Many museums' and galleries' interpretation is poor or ineffective. Yours doesn't need to be!

If you read nothing else on Interpretation, read these 10 essays. We’ve reviewed literally hundreds of MuseumsEtc chapters and selected the most important ones to help you enhance your organisation’s interpretation initiatives. Our 10 Must Reads on Interpretationwill help and inspire you to:

  1. Determine the impact your interpretation should have.
  2. Facilitate social interaction.
  3. Prevent visitor exhaustion.
  4. Conceive objects in terms of their connection to people.
  5. Programme for your audience, not for your collection.
  6. Check the effectiveness of your existing interpretation.
  7. Adopt successful design principles.
  8. Minimize the conflicts in your design team.

This highly practical, 360-page collection, with over 40 colour images, includes:

Interpreting Work Through Games
Christina Alderman, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Designing Effective Exhibits
Stephen Bitgood, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Jacksonville State University

Museum Fatigue: A New Look at an Old Problem 
Stephen Bitgood, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Jacksonville State University

Social Influences on the Visitor Experience
Stephen Bitgood, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Jacksonville State University

How to Run a Democratic Exhibition 
Subhadra Das & Jayne Dunn, University College London | Emma Passmore, British Museum

What Are We Silently Saying? Non-Verbal Communication and Exhibitions 
Pamela Erskine-Loftus, Northwestern University in Qatar

Museum Games and Interactive Narrative & Design: The Way We Tell Stories with Objects
Elizabeth Goins, Rochester Institute of Technology

Developing Interactive Exhibits Across Cultures 
Claudia Schleyer, Consultant for Interactive Exhibits, Berlin

The Visitor Experience in Science Exhibitions: Design, Exhibits and Interactivity
Joerg Schmidtsiefen, Archimedes Exhibitions, Berlin

Crossing the Threshold: Designing to Engage
Gillian Thomas, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, Miami

Exactly What Is Interpretation?
John A Veverka, Interpretive Planning & Training Consultant

Interpretive Philosophy and Principles 
John A Veverka, Interpretive Planning & Training Consultant

Title: 10 Must Reads: Interpretation
Pages: 360
Colour illustrations: 41
Size: 203 x 127 mm
Date: 2014
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