Restaurants, Catering and Facility Rentals

This book will save your organization money. And generate income. Put its principles, insights and recommendations into practice and it will undoubtedly pay for itself... tens or hundreds of times over... Restaurants, Catering and Facility Rentals: Maximizing Earned Income is unique in making available the detailed, highly practical results and recommendations of real-world studies of foodservices and facility rental operations in some of the world's leading museums, galleries and cultural institutions. This range of studies focuses on the scenarios and challenges most frequently encountered as museums and cultural institutions strive to manage efficient and profitable catering services. The studies are supplemented by specially-commissioned, informative and educational essays.

This extensive book (490 pages) covers every aspect of setting up and managing successful foodservice, catering and facility rental operations. 

Undertaken by one of the world's leading catering, foodservices and earned income consultancies, Manask & Associates, the studies contained in this book are based on decades of practical experience with a huge variety of institutions, both large and small. Manask & Associates' clients have included some of the world's leading and most successful cultural institutions, including the National Gallery of Art, National Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The Field Museum, Chicago Botanic Garden, Museum of Science, National Aquarium, Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Science Museum of Minnesota, Saint Louis Art Museum, Newport Mansions and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

With a Forward by Darrell R Willson, Administrator of the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, Restaurants, Catering and Facility Rentals is richly illustrated with examples of innovative and successful foodservice facilities in museums and galleries throughout the world. And while the featured examples are primarily drawn from museums, galleries, historic houses, botanic gardens, aquariums and zoos, the principles contained in the book are equally applicable to performing arts and other cultural organisations.

1. Studies
Boosting Rental and Foodservice Earned Income
Bringing New Life to an Underperforming, Overpriced Café
Success Planning for a Historic Home’s Visitor Center
Updating Rentals and Contracts after a Museum Renovation
Foodservice Priorities for a New Art Museum
A Zoo’s Masterplan for Food Concessions
Benchmarking Visitor Menu Pricing
Working with Independent Restaurant Operators

2. Essays
Increasing Your Earned Income in an Economic Downturn
Powerful Marketing Materials Can Increase Special Event Revenue – with no Budget!
How Safe Is My Food?
Operator Financial Hardship: Renegotiate or Not?
Celebrity Chefs Seek Out Cultural Institutions: A Growing Trend
Enhancing Your Visitor and Guest Experience
Benchmarking Your Café or Restaurant
Operator Capital Investment In Your Restaurant or Café: The Pros and Cons
Foodservice Construction: How To Estimate Realistic Project Costs Before Committing to the Project
Case Study: Consultant’s Evaluation is Key in Making a Museum’s Foodservice a Great Operation
Marriage Counselling Foodservice Style
Alcoholic Beverage Licensing and Serving: $105M Verdict Makes Operators Rethink Training for Workers Who Serve Alcohol
Success in Foodservice Begins with Planning, Not Cooking
When and How To Pick a Consultant

3. Glossary

Arthur M Manask is founder and CEO of Manask & Associates, providing management advisory services to cultural and other institutions with in-house restaurant and catering services since 1993. He has more than 30 years' experience in the foodservice industry, including 16 years as president and owner of his own foodservice management companies, 14 years in senior operating positions with national foodservice organizations, and 19 years heading his consultancy, Manask & Associates. 

Robert D Schwartz has been a principal with Manask & Associates for ten years and has more than 20 years’ experience in the foodservice industry.

I've viewed Manask & Associates as an extension of my business planning team for nearly 20 years. From food service and contract negotiations, to event business development planning, Art Manask and his team have provided detailed data that was crucial to our decision-making process.
Melody Kanschat, Former President, Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

If there’s a science to showing a museum how to increase its profits, Manask & Associates have discovered it. With their help, we successfully renegotiated our foodservice contract and watched financial performance improve.
Dr Linda Abraham-Silver, President & CEO, Great Lakes Science Center.

There's an art to improving income. We discovered that when we worked with Manask & Associates. With their guidance we exhibited more than beautiful paintings. We exhibited an improved bottom line.
Jane M. Pangborn, Director of Administration, Norton Museum of Art.

Title: Restaurants, Catering and Facility Rentals: Maximizing Earned Income
Authors: Arthur M Manask with Robert D Schwartz
Pages: 490
Illustrations: 65
Size: 203 x 127mm
Date: 2012
Editions: £59.95 [paperback] | £45.95 [eBook]
ISBN: 978-1-907697-39-5 [paperback]  

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