Science Exhibitions: Curation & Design

This book - a companion volume to Science Exhibitions: Communication and Evaluation - examines how best to disseminate science to the public through a variety of new and traditional media. With essays from leading practitioners in the field, and over 500 pages,  it provides an authoritative, stimulating overview of new, innovative and successful initiatives. The essays draw on cutting-edge experience throughout the world, and include contributions from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Singapore and New Zealand – as well as the UK and USA. 

Editor Anastasia Filippoupoliti, says: “In this book, I wanted to examine the narratives generated in science exhibitions and tackle some of the challenges museums experience in transforming scientific concepts or events into three-dimensional exhibits.”
Also available: Science Exhibitions: Communication and Evaluation

Anastasia Filippoupoliti

1. Making Science Public
Conventions of Display: Exhibition in Twentieth Century American Medicine
Miriam Posner, Yale University, USA

Medicine on Show
Ken Arnold & Lisa Jamieson, Wellcome Collection, London, UK

2. Curatorial Challenges
Table Top Physics: Old Science, New Audience
Jane Wess, Science Museum, London, UK

No Objects, No Problem
Jim Garretts, Thackray Museum, Leeds, UK

3. Cutting-edge Research Exhibited
Exhibition Experiments: Publics, Politics and Scientific Controversy
Sharon Macdonald, University of Manchester, UK

The Exhibition and Beyond: Controversial Science in the Museum
Sarah R Davies, Arizona State University, USA

Representing Nanotechnology and Society
Brice Laurent, Centre de Sociologie de l’Innovation, Mines ParisTech, France

The Museum as 21st Century Bestiary
Denisa Kera, National University of Singapore

4. Art and Science
Desiring Structures: The Dendritic Form Revisited
Marius Kwint, University of Portsmouth, UK

Delineating Disease: Drawing Insights in the Medical Museum
Lucy Lyons, Medical Museion, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Vanishing Landscapes and Endangered Species
Joseph Emmanuel Ingoldsby, Landscape Mosaics, USA

5. Design Outlooks
The Visitor Experience at Science Exhibitions:: Design, Exhibits and Interactivity
Antonia Humm, Gunnar M Gräslund & Jörg Schmidtsiefen, ArchiMeDes, Berlin, Germany

Engaging The Public
Wayne LaBar, Liberty Science Center, New Jersey, USA

NanoAdventure: An Interactive Exhibition in Brazil
Sandra Murriello & Marcelo Knobel, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil

Storytelling Memories
Tanya Marriott, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Science Adrift in an Enterprise Culture: Finding Facts and Telling Stories in the Maritime Museum
William M Taylor, University of Western Australia

Anastasia Filippoupoliti is a lecturer in museum education at the School of Education Sciences, Democritus University of Thrace (Greece). She also lectures at the Hellenic Open University. She undertook research in the fields of museology and science communication while she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and focused on exhibition design and museum planning issues while working as a museologist at the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation (Greece). She holds PhD and MA degrees in Museum Studies (University of Leicester) and a BA in History and Philosophy of Science (University of Athens). She writes regularly on exhibitions, collections and science museums.

Title: Science Exhibitions: Curation and Design
Editor: Anastasia Filippoupoliti
Pages: 512
Illustrations: 54
Size: 216 x 140mm
Date: 2010
Editions: £59 [paperback] | £39 [eBook]
ISBN: 978-0-9561943-5-0 [paperback]

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